Wireframing with SilverStripe CMS
and Content-first approach

Presented by Pali
Meetup Austria, Vienna, 30. 11. 2013

Pros and cons of rapid prototyping and content-first approach

Content-first approach together with rapid prototyping look great.
Graphic designers and programmers are faster and deliver better results, we can test project during development, customer can see working examples before finalization...

But are there any cons?
Sure. This approach is more time consuming for a project manager. He/she needs to talk much more. It's more expensive (creating some skeleton and putting the content in afterwards may result in bigger fail, but if you pass, it's cheaper).

Should you change your workflow? Depends on...
If the creative manager is graphic designer too, it is much harder to change the workflow. If the creative person can create SS wireframes, you are hot candidate for changing the workflow.
If you are too busy, go the modern way - waiting for some initial content from your customer may be your lifesaver. If you need design asap, use standard workflow - almost ready result is just knocking on your door (and just pray, that customer approves it).


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