Wireframing with SilverStripe CMS
and Content-first approach

Presented by Pali
Meetup Austria, Vienna, 30. 11. 2013

Change your mind - rapid prototyping will help you

As Ryan Wachtl mentioned in his ss.org blog named "Rapid prototyping with silverstripe & foundation", we should fix outdated workflow and Rapid prototyping is our rescue.

Rapid prototyping means wireframing in code. This can be done easily with some static templates, but I want to put content first. With SilverStripe, I do not need to put content in external programme, I just put content directly to SilverStripe backend and this will be ready for finalization without need of copy/paste text data.

So standard workflow will be changed to modern workflow like this:

  1. Talk to the customer, get some content ideas
  2. Finalize content, prioritize content (what must be there, what is only side note?)
  3. Sketch, prepare structure, think about page types
  4. Init SilverStripe project (so simple with SilverStripe, Git and Composer) and create defined page types (only the easy ones, do not make complex programming here, use fake data - see unclecheese's mock-dataobject module)
  5. Put content in
  6. Talk to the customer, test it, update wireframes. Repeat until everything is approved.
  7. Start programming complex pieces of code and start with Graphic design
  8. Test and deploy


  • 1 and 2 are time consuming, but so important. Take care. Do not be satisfied with ideas, make content.
  • 3 - 6 is about creativity. Work fast, but test every idea in real wireframe (it's easy).
  • 7 - 8 is programmers' and graphic designers' job. They will love you, because everyting is clear, prepared.


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