Wireframing with SilverStripe CMS
and Content-first approach

Presented by Pali
Meetup Austria, Vienna, 30. 11. 2013

Which html/css framework is best?

I am sure, that you heard something about sass language, compass...

Compass is Sass framework. SilverStripe CMS uses compass as default collection of usefull tools for "css-ing" backend. Sass is an extension of CSS3 which adds nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. Sass generates well formatted CSS and makes your stylesheets easier to organize and maintain.

As Silverstripe uses sass/compass, I decided to use it too. I tried Bootstrap (LESS syntax), but didn't like it too much.

I tested a few of sass ready frameworks:

Zurb foundation 3 was a nightmare. Easily to wireframe with, but really hard to customize for final graphic design. Footprint was heavy. So I tried other frameworks, but wasn't happy with them too :( After some time I tested Foundation 4 and found it as most usefull one.


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