Wireframing with SilverStripe CMS
and Content-first approach

Presented by Pali
Meetup Austria, Vienna, 30. 11. 2013

Why to use SilverStripe CMS as your wireframing tool

  1. You can init the project in minutes (using GIT and Composer)
  2. Creating new page types with custom fields is super easy (thanks to excellent ORM)
  3. Creating layouts for new page types is piece of cake (just create layout template in your theme with same name as your new page type)
  4. Adding wireframing components can be pretty fast with pre-defined set on Include files
  5. Installing extra modules (for carousels, image galleries, quick contact forms) can be as easy as writting one line to composer.json file

Wireframing is about points 3) and 4). Read next for detailed information.


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